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If you find problems with this website or are having trouble finding what you need, please contact Ellen Odart

Site FAQ's

How to login and change your password

If you are an existing or past member, you probably already have a site member profile that was automatically created for you, and only need to change your password. Here are the steps to change or reset your password.

  • Select "Login" button on the Home Page
  • Click on "Forgot password" link at the bottom
  • Enter your email address in "Your email" field and the ReCaptcha code in the "Code" field.
  • You should receive an email message to the address you entered that contains the following.
    A request was made to recover a lost password for this email address at To choose a new password go to:
  • Follow the instructions and click on the link to choose a new password. You should be directed back to the Phoenix Ski Club website automatically.
  • Enter your new password
  • That's it! Your new password should be active and you can login to the site.

What's new or updated on the site?

  • Members Only section for current members
  • Online membership registration and renewal
  • Register & pay for events or ski trips online or register and create an invoice
  • View upcoming and past ski trips in a calendar or list
  • View upcoming and past events in a calendar or list
  • Closer integration with Phoenix Ski & Social Club social media accounts -- Facebook, Flickr, Yahoo! Groups, and MeetUp
  • Easily downloadable forms, waivers, and documents
  • Search added for the whole site

What added features are for Members Only?

  1. A searchable online members directory
  2. Up-to-date downloadable membership directory
  3. Customizeable member profiles and individual privacy settings
  4. View event or trip Flickr Albums directly from the website

How to update your profile and privacy settings

Members with a valid profile have the ability to change what information they want the rest of the Phoenix Ski Club members to view. To change your profile privacy settings follow these steps:

  • Login to the site
  • Select your name from the upper right of the page to view "My profile" (which is your profile page)
  • Select "Edit Profile" button under the "My profile" heading
  • Select the "Privacy" link between "Profile" and "Email subscriptions"
  • From here you can modify the radio buttons which determines what information that Members can view. If you select "No access" then club members cannot view your contact information online; however, your info will be included in the downloadable directory to members (much like your info was included in the mailed club directory in years past).
  • When you are done, select "Save" to update your privacy settings
  • Note! The option for "Anybody" does not do anything in privacy settings since we do not allow member information to be viewed by the general public. Your confidential information is not exposed to the internet.

How to use Members Only site options

To view the Members Only section you must login to the site, then the menu option "Members Only" will appear. From there you can find members in the Member Directory, view the member-only Photo Gallery (linked to Flickr), or read latest posts from members to members.

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